Course Syllabus

Section 1: The Wolf

Section explaining the history of the wolf including its ancestry and classification. This section also looks at the wolf in general terms including anatomy, physical characteristics, intelligence and personality of the wolf.

Section 2: Wolf Packs & Territories

Section looking at wolf pack structures including dispersal of packs and individuals. This section also examines how they cope with the variation in their habitats and territories. Also covered is information on how wolves travel, along with details on hunting techniques.

Section 3: Wolf Behaviour

Section explaining wolf interactions including their interaction with other wolves (pack members and wolves), with humans, with prey and also non prey species such as bears and other predators.

Section 4: Wolf Reproduction & Pups

Section looking at reproduction and the role of the different animals within the pack. This section also examines how the pack operate with and without pups present, along with the mating habits of wolves.

Section 5: Wolf Sub-Species

Section looking at the grey wolf but also the recognised sub-species of wolf around the world. Included are all the sub-species listed in North America and the sub-species listed in Eurasia.

Section 6: Myths, Legends & Facts

Section looking at some of the myths, stories and legends behind the wolf. Also included is a look at some of the misconceptions about wolves, along with details on some of the true facts about the animals.

Section 7: From Wolf To Dog

Section covering the differences, but also the similarities between the dog and the wolf. Covering the history of wolves first co-existence with man, to the wild wolf of today, and the pet dog in the home.

Section 8: Wolf Conservation & The Future

Section looking at the threats to wolves such as hunting, habitat destruction and disease. Also looking to the future of the wolf and the work to protect the species and the eco-system it lives in.